Full Terms of Use

All new downloads will have these term in the zip file

Terms of Use - Templates by Bekki
These designs are copyrighted (c) to Bekki Stevenson
By downloading my products you are agreeing to follow the terms in these terms



All my products are for personal use only
NO COMMERCIAL USE is allowed with any of my templates
unless stated on the previews


Post your completed layouts and projects to online galleries and submit these products to magazines or online publications, providing that you give proper credit to Templates by Bekki.
Alter the products (size, colour, ect) to fit your scrapbooking needs.
Please make sure that you BACKUP your files.  You are allowed to copy any of the files to your own external hard drive(s), as long as you don't share with others.
Feel free to create gifts for your friends and family, providing they are reciving a flatten JPEG or printed pages.


Sale any of my tempates as your own creations.  You may not alter these images and then claim them as your own.
You may not share or distribute my templates under any circumstances as all of them can be downloaded for free.
Please direct your friends and family to my blog so they can download the templates for themselves.  Sharing/redistributing/selling these files is ILLEGAL.  I do not take piracy lightly and will make sure that any files that you pirate will be reported and taken ofline.
You may not use my templates to create pornographic, violent, immoral, racial, other offences works.


You may use my templates to decorate your PERSONAL blog as long as the finish design is saved at 72 DPI and credit is given to me somewhere on your blog.
This does NOT give you the right to create blog templates.  The ability to use my templates on your blog applies to only YOU and the blog you design with my templates may not be shared/redistributed.
You may NOT use my designs to decorate your blog without written consent of the blog is commercial use and use in ANY WAY to earn money or to promote your business without written consent.
You may NOT use my templates for any other web design without written consent.


I make all my tag templates bigger than tagger size and you may resize your finish tags to fit the forums tag size that they specify.  You may give them away as presents to friends and members, providing that they are in a flatten PNG file.


All my cluster frames are for personal use and made with the accourdance of the original kit makers terms of use.  You may use them for challenges, providing that you share the preview only and link back to my blog for the download.  All my cluster frames are made larger than tagger size so please resize to your own prefer size.


From time to time may create products and template that are mainly for CU4CU and you may create CU items for sell and for for free providing that edit them, by adding to them for sell or for free.  You may not just recolour and sell or give as it.  Use your imagination before doing so.  Only exception is if your going to use them to make PSP scripts or PS Actions.  Please use my CU4CU license, which is on my blog.
All papers are CU4CU but you can't use them as is.  You must make something out of them before you can use them as CU.
All of my CU marked products (including papers) can be used as is for your kits to sell or given away for free.


All of my templates can be use for scrapping, layout and forum challenges, providing that you share the preview only and link back to my blog for download.  All of my templates, cluster frames, ect, are all for personal use only.
Please read the previews to see weather you can use them for CU4CU, CU or PU and all my stuff on my blog is for FREE!!!
Well we all like freebies, don't we?


Please contact me at bekkistevenson@gmail.com if you have
any questions, comments or concerns.
Thank you for reading and enjoy your download!
Bekki Stevenson
Visit my blog: templatesbybekki.blogspot.com

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